Text 25 May I mean, who even uses this CRAP website anymore, anyway?

twitter - @dav1cito

facebook - WHO CARES about facebook?

xbox - helloimawes0me

Text 21 May YES, I listen to videogame soundtracks over music. Why? It’s better!
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I asked my mom is she had some laundry she wanted me to do because I just needed a few more clothes to make my load full.

She comes back with two huge buckets full of dirty clothes.


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I hate it when girls overrate themselves…”I’m a bad bitch” “I’m the baddest, these bitches can’t keep up”…First of all you sound like a close minded dumbass. Second get that giant cock out of your ass, and start walking normally. That’s all I’m gonna say, I’m done.

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Text 1 May I’ve got to admit…

I love having cut everyone from my past off, and kept only 5 friends out of hundreds, but it’s lonely sometimes… Any of you tumblr friends I never met in my life wanna say hi to me? <3

Photo 1 May Yum!


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Photo 16 Apr 15 notes I wanna suck on those!

I wanna suck on those!

Text 16 Apr crawling

Crawling in my skin

These wounds they will not heal.

Fear is how I fall

Confusing what is real.

Text 16 Apr 2 notes Here we go for the hundredth time , hand grenade, pins in every line . Throw ‘em up & let something shine , going out of my fucking mind .
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